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Name:  Siles 
Entity or spirit: Spirit Binding 
Species: Draconian Void Incubus Hybrid 
Gender: Male 
Sexual orientation: bisexual 
Sexual towards keeper:  yes 
Can being get pregnant: no 
Aura colors:  gold 
Arts: dark arts 
Age: 2786 
Food: high protein 
☆ Swords 
☆ Protection 
☆ Draconian magic 
☆ Void Magic 
Sexual likes: 
♡ Dominate
♡ Fourplay 
♡ He is a top for m/m
♡ Nipple fetish
♡ Wax and knife play as well as Shabari 
Offerings: copal resin, pachuoili and maghogy  teakwood candles, garnet and bloodstone, silver or white gold. 
Personality: charming empathic sweet kind honest stubborn determined intelligent independent strategic loyal trustworthy brave honorable caring courageous short fused egotistical at times fiercely protective and helpful 
Random information: regardless of his flaws he would never hurt it any of his companions or his keeper. Outside of the bedroom and inside he is careful to always maintain and keep a respectful view of any and all boundaries that anyone might have
Hobbies: sword use, collecting swords and various knives and weaponry, drinking and playing various beer games or party games as they are sometimes called he refers to this as comanderie staying in shape running and doing extreme sports hunting and utilizing his Magics as well as staying true to his cultural heritage
Communication: thought and image projection, telepathy scrying with fire, Crystalmancy mediumship and talking to you via astral projection he can also appear to your dreams and communicate this way as well but it is not a preferred method he will use a pendulum but he also does not prefer this method either. 
Song Resonance: 
1. Try by P!nk 
2. Wannabe by Spice Girls 
3. Broken by Seether feat Amy Lee 
4. Car Radio by Twenty One Pilots 
5. Stutter by My Darkest Days