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Sons of Pandora These are a male species only they are extremely dark arts two black Arts. They have a unique set of skills that offer a invaluable form of protection to Keepers and other people as well. They come from a place that was created out of Pandora's chaos energy. Do to this they call themselves sons of Pandora. And due to the fact that everything there is made of chaos energy the food that they consume has poisonous factors and they became immune to it over time passing it down so Generations. The flora and fauna are usually a toxic green or purple color with black and white instead of green and yellow this is because they take on chaos energy and poisons instead of sun water and nutrients. Due to their diets they typically have fangs of a vampire because if they did not they would have a harder time surviving. As well as they would be unable to eat because they have to hunt and gather for survival and the Flora and Fauna have tougher skins than most places. This has created a unique type of magic in there species. They refer to this as corrosive magic what it does is when they are eating their saliva acts as a corrosive agent and allows them to eat whatever it is they're trying to consume. They ate able to control this though due to glands behind the fangs. They can also have poison and corrosive energy come out of their hands which can corrode things and Destroy them do you do this they typically wear gloves so that way they are unable to harm beings or other members of their family. They refer to their hand as having poison touch. They are also capable of removing resistance to ensure that whatever spell you're doing works as well as banishment and opening of rifts.

They prefer offerings of black candles and like the smell of wine and bourbon in types of candles as well or incense. They prefer smells such as patchouli and Pine in oils. Their society is very immersive and technology-driven it is extremely massive but not overpopulated. There are females of the species however they are almost non-existent they do have the immortal qualities of their parentage. However they were created buy a different deity so that way the Sons would have companionship and not know loneliness. They are very revered and respected by the sons. It was due to this and gene splicing that they became able to sexually reprocreate.

Sons of Pandora

  • This is a dark arts custom conjure. They can take some adjustment for energies and have a reccomended timeframe for expierence. We do energy meshing with your energy so finding a suitable one is not an issue.