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Collaboration with Demon

This is a type of story board and necromantic reading. I will pull 6 lives that you died traumatically in and use their pain and give you a message from each this is aided by Anubis, Set and Mother Death(Sante Muerte).

This can give a couple of things and this is unique to the invidual which means this list is not definite and is merely a guide of some that have been recieved. You can recieve a unique conjure but none of this is guranteed.

1. You can be given gifts from any of the death deities 
2. Courage and lessons learned.
3. Pyschic awakening or enhancing 
4.  Spiritual Communication or Enhancing it.
5. You can be gifted from the past versions of yourself certain strengths and lessons as well as you can be gifted certain attributes and strengths or physical enhancements that can impact you in the physical world.
6. Understanding and working with Death Energies.


You will have the following occur:
Visions of your death followed by enhancing of powers and the use of veil to enhance your psyche and allow you to better communicate and spirit companions within your family practitioner this is done by creation of a small amount of death energy and a small amount of energy it has a hole that demon has created in the veil that is specifically used for those who participate in this ritual to heighten their spiritual experiences allowing them to have astral projection other out of body experiences enhance lucid dreaming some control that will have to be worked on over time and spiritual communication abilities will be enhanced.


You can have near death energies or a simulation of dying in nightmares or dreams. This can be very heavy energy and black arts and IS NEVER reccomended to beginners. If you wish to proceed knowing this you do so at your own risk. I will add extra protection for those who wish to do so.


This go into graphic detail on each death being more gruesome than the next. Then the message for a cool down period. If you have triggers please do not get this unless your absolutely sure you can cope. We will not do refunds and you were warned.

When getting this ritual it is really the icing and blood on a cake with sweets and a tad morbid variety to ehance your power you can have disturbing dreams vivd visions about death and anything macabre as you adjust it is a small mirror of horrors and traumas use to enhance those who are able to go through this ritual.



Welcome  the death energies from every culture and around the world. Welcome the Dark Mother into your self embrace that we all have darkness deep within ourselves and revel in their embrace and accept your power that you withheld from yourself.


Completed by Both Astra and Demon


The 6 phases of Death Reading and Ritual