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In this world those are there are those that get what they want and those that work for it. There are those who could only hope to access the Arcane knowledge that lies dormant in their veins. There are those who look at the mandalas and the pictures of Art in the universe and wonder where is my slice of the pie? What is keeping me from achieving that which I know I am destined to do? This is a series of spells and a ritual with the Help of 3 monks. This will show itself to you in present itself an unspeakable and ways that grasp your attention unlike anything you have ever encountered before. The first ways that it will show itself is a series of Dreams. Never get another shot next you feel your intuition start to rise and then you'll slowly feel your vibrations increase these changes are permanent there's something that cannot be undone so when your purchasing this you need to make sure that it's something you wish to go through with no matter what. The series of dreams will show you exactly how to unlock your dormant energies that you've been trying to access over the years or months however long that you've been trying to do so. then raise your vibrations allowing you access to magics as well did you may not have access to Prior.

Last thing that it does is it gently pulls you into a realm that is created for you by the deities that you choose to worship. This is a life-changing spell. When you have access to this many relm each one is specifically designed for you no one other person's is the same. It will be as if you are looking through window. This can be presented in dreams if you do not have the Intuition or astral projection experience necessary. This will slowly remove the mundane and replace it with what you are hoping to achieve spiritually. Journey deep within yourself and you will feel and notice the changes within your life. This disconnects yourself from all negativity and toxic vibrations that are holding you back from your true potential. This release is all the positive potential that you have access to you in a way that is not overwhelming for the individual.

The Mandala Effect Spell

$50.00 Regular Price
$25.00Sale Price