Name: Thompson Type: Living Entity Species: Solarian Gender: Male Sexual orientation: straight Sexual towards keeper: not necessarily Can being get pregnant: no Aura colors: Gray pink and blue Arts: neutral Age: 5842 Food: vegan Gifts: • Pyrotechnics • Pryomancy • Healing • Divination Offerings: chamomile tea Personality: charming pensive pondering a thinker inventive well mannered and behaved kind honest wise reliable and loyal harmonious trustworthy brave and honest Music Likes: panic and the disco and similar Favorite food: steak fajitas (in human language) Favorite Book: Land of the Fallen Star Gods: The Celestial Origins of Ancient Egypt by J.S. Gordon
Random information: likes to study lost civilizations and much more he also likes to invent and create based on old worlds or lost worlds Hobbies: creating inventing reading writing and learning traveling Communication: anyway you wish Song Resonance: Hey Look Ma I Made It by Panic at the Disco Closest picture we could find to represent him



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