Purpose:  a sweet young girl who loves to bring childhood laughter and experiences into her Keepers life

Name:  Tivara 

Type: creation 

Species: Soul Element 

Element: lunar energies and unicorn 

Aura colors:  silver and purple 

Arts:  white arts 

Age:  19 (extremely petite)  she is mentally 12

Food:  vegan 

•  healthy comfort her keeper by providing various childlike activities
• she is able to use healing
• she can do small simple spell such a small Prosperity spells 
• cleansing
• Purification
• Luna energy
• emotional assistance instability
• her energy brushes well with lunar beings and unicorns as well as Pegasus.

Offerings: being read story books before bedtime

Personality: sweet kind child bike extremely useful and play she enjoys having fun swimming and playing Outdoors

Random information: I do have the right to refuse service and there will be an adoption application for this individual

Hobbies: playing various child video games watching cartoons and being taken care of she loves to have hugs and is extremely sweet and kind

Communication: telepathy or clairvoyance 

Song Resonance: Dollhouse by Melanie Martinez



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