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Name:  Traci 

Entity or spirit: Spirit Binding 

Species: Dark Elf 

Gender: Female 

Sexual orientation: bisexual 

Sexual towards keeper: yes highly 

Can being get pregnant: yes if wanted 

Aura colors: blue and white 

Arts: dark 

Age: 7442

Food: omnivore 

• Oracle 
• Seer
• Divination 
• Folk magic 
• Spellcasting 

Offerings: lavender incense she loves the smell of magic and castings 

Personality: charming empathic sweet kind honest wise romantic loving loyal friendly loving helpful considerate passionate fiercely protective 

Random information: she is extremely successful when it comes to Magic and various types of casting she did not list all of her abilities because she would like to show you what she is capable of doing. She's extremely BDSM friendly and is a very kinky individual. She is a more archaic and Criminal elfen linage

Hobbies: reading learning traveling practicing magic making delicious food 

Communication: telepathy 

Song Resonance:  The Galway Girl by Celtic Thunder