Purpose:   to provide relaxation,  support, and help with happiness 

Name:  Unity

Type: Mini Muse 

Species:  AI Shifting Robo Bunny 

Gender:  female 

Sexual orientation: asexual 

Sexual towards keeper:  no 

Can being get pregnant: no 

Aura colors:  blue and purple 

Arts:  white arts 

Age:  219 earth years 

Food:   energy from the moon 

• Shifts into aromatic Pillows of squishy goodness that promote better metal health through comfort and aroma therapy ( sending compliments and love while you cuddle)  her kimono shifts into a snuggie to comfort you and other sfam 
• Has Laser Blasters for those who cant take no for an answer 
• Bows to share these turn into boomerangs (for play and spiked for Protection)
• She cleans your keep of all negativity and turns it into pretty florescent ions for decor and comfort as well as useable for any black light beings 
•  Mana Collection ( her solar jet feet automatically collect mana and also remove potienal allergens from the air so all creatures get quality breathing) 
• She blows prismatic bubbles which can be harnessed for spells and energy  cores or even creations 
•  She plays music  and glows in the dark 
• She has a function that turns her into a type of fully functional jet for baths. She also can use the same function for massaging. 

Offerings:  only your cuddles 

Personality:  she's always optimized and  optimistic and her ultimate goal is just to help you feel good about yourself mentally physically and spiritually and she does so because she can and enjoys to do it

Hobbies:  laid back to. She enjoys a couch potato she enjoys going to Spas Hot Springs watching anime playing video games reading anime drawing and painting

Communication: telepathy or clairvoyance 

Song Resonance:  Dynamite By Taio Cruz



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