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These unique beings are part of bear and part human. They are beautiful protective and pure and instinct combined. They're highly gifted in reading of the higher self. They bring confidence courage bravery and self-reliance to the keeper as well as Aid in bringing this than opening yourself up to it. They are amazing with energy healing and Energy Medicine as well as they are great with grounding the keeper and bringing rest and relaxation and a good night sleep to their keeper. They are beautiful beings who love to cuddle and bring happiness and joy and make life a little bit sweeter in times of negativity. They like offerings of Honey or honeysuckle flower as well as blackberry and blackberry incense oil or blueberry cobbler candles. However they tend to accept a variety of fruit and Berry type incenses candles and oils. They have a scourging diet this means that they are omnivores. They tend to like a variety of activities and have a variety of personalities.


  • This is a neutral or grey art custom conjure. Grey magic, also called neutral magic, is magic that is not performed for specifically beneficial reasons, but is also not focused towards completely hostile practices. It is seen as falling in a continuum between white and black magic.