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Name: Vancin Entity or spirit: Spirit Binding Species: Naga Gender: male Sexual orientation: straight Sexual towards keeper: yes highly Can being get pregnant: no Aura colors: blue and yellow Arts: neutral Age: 10848 Food: high protein Gifts: • Hypnosis • Trances states • Help with obe sessions • Spellcasting Offerings: candles Personality: extremely sarcastic and witty highly functioning and extremely funny he's very educated and loving Random information: you will see his sarcasm by his picture Hobbies: she enjoys reading learning doing new things he's not very active athletically however he does lead weights occasionally and he does exercise enough to stay in shape the little bit that he does is mainly so he can ensure that he has a very high libido Communication: telepathy dreams and clairvoyance during meditation states Song Resonance: Africa by Toto