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Name: Veęki Type: living entity Species: Star Catcalla Gender: Female Sexual orientation: bisexual Sexual towards keeper: if wanted Can being get pregnant: if mutually decided on further down the road Aura colors: red and white Arts: neutral Age: 29 in human years Food: omnivore Gifts: •ingredients gathering •archery •guide for astral and one •dream and fate magic •Spiritual communication aid Offerings: catnip incense Personality: sweet generous sophisticated flirty stylish elegant stubborn yet down to earth she is very unique and one of those who could be described as just them Music Likes: love songs Favorite Foods: roast duckling, homemade pot pie milk and pecan pies Favorite Book: The great Gatsby Random information: she doesnt care for rain but loves cat nip and gardening Hobbies: reading,Learning, traveling and helping others, gardening, poetry and arts as well as hunting with bow and arrow Communication: telepathy Song Resonance: Wild One by Flo Rida and Sia