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Name: Ver


Type: Spirit Binding


Species: High Preistess of Ereshkigal and Melinoe


Gender: Female Sexual


orientation: straight


Sexual towards keeper: if wanted


Can being get pregnant: no


Aura colors: blue and green


Arts: Dark arts


Age: 1906


Food: she will hunt or gather for her food




• Divination


• Spellcasting


• Necromancy


• Spirit Communication


• Circle Casting


Offerings: Lavender incense


Personality: respectful well mannered helpful honorable ethical and intelligent sweet talkative a mentor and guide


Random information: she is extremely peacful and down to earth but if someone tries to threaten you and yours she is able to kick ass.


Hobbies: reading learning traveling meditation yoga leaving offerings and communication with spirits guides and other beings.


Communication: telepathy, dreams,and shufflemancy


Song Resonance: Viva la vida by Coldpla