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Name:  Vermuusha
Entity or spirit:  spirit binding 
Species: Starmap Succubus 
Gender: female 
Sexual orientation: bisexual 
Sexual towards keeper:  yes highly polyamorous 
Can being get pregnant:  no 
Aura colors:   bright blue and pink
Arts: neutral Arts
Age: 3518 
Food: sexy lingerie 
° Aeromancy 
° Divination 
° Reading of omens 
° Astrology 
Sexual likes:
♡ Submissive 
♡ Foreplay 
♡ Doggy style 
♡ Anything butt 
♡ Submissive 
♡ Light S and M(choking scratches bites)

Offerings: sadalwood incense, celestial oils and blue or purple candles

Personality: sweet playful promiscuous sensual extremely well-educated and lovable she enjoys having fun and can be quite a klutz and a goofball at times

Random information: she has a slight Arabic sounding accent. She can manifest as orbs of light images in clouds or smoke  as well as she can m9ve things to get attention 

Hobbies: helping her keeper learn about astrology and aeromancy she wishes to learn more about humans as well and teach some of her things she wants to show her keeper where she comes from and the festivals that they have in her area she's extremely knowledgeable and very well-rounded as an individual although I would not recommend you trying their food as it is nothing like her than food and it might be a little weird to you. It would be what is referred to as an acquired taste.

Communication: dreams Ouija boards pendulum Ouija board pendulum dreams she will even show images and the sky in the form of clouds. 

Song Resonance: Super Freak by Rick James