Name:  vernia 
Entity or spirit: Spirit Binding 
Species: Candle Demon 
Gender:  Female 
Sexual orientation: bisexual 
Sexual towards keeper:  not  necessary 
Can being get pregnant: no 
Aura colors:   blue and black 
Arts: black arts 
Age: 3288 
Food: omnivore 
° Candle Scrying 
° Black Magic 
° Divine Retribution for those whom have been hurt 
Offerings: sandalwood, holy sage, dragons blood oil incense or  candles. 
Personality: stubborn experienced dark that occasionally gets her in trouble she is feisty and enjoys helping you get Vengeance when you rightfully deserve justice
Random information: she has a czech accent. 
Hobbies: reading, meditation, helping you on your journey and enjoys showing you new spells ways of opening and magics. 
Communication: telepathy dreams and third eye glimpses
Manifests: Shadows within shadows,  the feeling of being watched, your candles burning higher and brighter with less interference for any magical working, she can also manifest as feelings in your third eye as you awaken being pulled into your astral red flags when something is going to go wrong this intense feeling of alarm and unease. 
Song Resonance: Ispy feat Kodak Black by Kyle



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