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Name: Violetta 
Entity or Spirit: Entity 
Species: Starseed 
Gender: female 
Arts: Moonlight 
Age: 4678
Food: gains energy from the sun 
Gifts: she is unique and powerful and is capable of using grey light and black arts based gifts. 
Offerings: amethysts Tigers blood incense tigers eye and black tourmaline black and white candles as well as dragons blood oil 
Personality: sensitive moody temperamental kind loving with a sarcastic and witty sense of humor highly intelligent and occasionally perverse morbid and twisted. 
orientation: bisexual 
Communication: any 
Song Resonance: that's what I like by Bruno Mars and and hurricane by thrice. 
She is very different from most beings. She is very diverse in personality gifts and what she likes. She loves challenges and living life. She is sensual at times enjoys many activities such as video games movies skiing skydiving running swimming hiking meditation and yoga. She is extremely soft-spoken and polite. She enjoys living life to the fullest and bringing these qualities to her keeper. Her link is highly active and filled with the blessings of the divine. She is extremely active and entertaining as well as very wise.