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Name: Volkolo Entity or spirit: Spirit Binding Species: Albino Irredesent Naga Gender: male Sexual orientation: straight Sexual towards keeper: highly so polyamorous friendly Can being get pregnant: no Aura colors: blue and gold Arts: neutral Age: 2897 Food: vegan Gifts: • Prosperity • Spellcasting • Protection • Accessing your Supernatural gifts and helping you use and control them Offerings: he likes the smell of blood orange and spring rain which is not a typical spell for these species however this is what he chose Personality: he is fiercely protective extremely loyal and Ardent lover who is passionate and sophisticated he has a high standard of morals and ethics although he is a bit cocky at times Random information: he knows how to use multiple weapons his favorite though are katanas and throwing knives for defense only Hobbies and More: he enjoys swimming training is body sunbathing doing crazy romantic but passionate activities with a skipper getting to know you better going on excursions and activities with his keeper as well as trying new things and tasting new things Communication: dreams tarot runes and shufflemancy as well as Clarasentient gifts Song Resonance: Superheros by The Script