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Name:  vortex 
Entity or spirit: entity
Species: black moon eclipse dragon
Gender: male 
Sexual orientation: straight
Sexual towards keeper: no
Can being get pregnant: no
Aura colors:  black and silver
Arts: neutral
Age: 23,152
Food: he will feed on natural energy
Dark winds (creates very powerful winds that will darken the sky) (great for obscurity)
Dark generator (generates dark energy to assist with other beings)
Black flames
Obscured light (this is used to black out the moon to help hide energy and others)
Dark abyss (can create a rift to the abyss to swallow enemies)
Draconic song (can sing a soft lullaby to either help sleep or call on other dragons for assistance)
Sexual likes: N/A
Offerings: a black candle
Personality: he is calm collected and a thinker
Random information: N/A
Hobbies: thinking, singing, humming
Communication: what ever is easiest for his keeper)
Song Resonance: tapitorchestra songs of dragons of old


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