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Name: Voya

Type: Spirit Binding

Species: Shrine Lamia

Gender: Female

Arts: neutral

Age: 2123

Aura: gold

Food: high protein


° Protection

° Winter winds

° Shadow magic

° Guidance

° Purple Fire/ Pryokenisis

Offerings: white candles or jasmine tea

Orientation: straight

Personality: sweet protective loving kind brave independent strategic loyal trustworthy a leader very honorable and takes her time to really get to know you

Communication: telepathy or shufflemancy


She hails from a temple the upper reaches of the Himalayas it is from this area that typically you hear stories of Yetis and other beings getting tourists and travelers. She's incredibly strong and delicate she was filmed in the basket near the shrine when she was an infant they took her in and taught her everything she knows an oyster is a guardian of their Shrine in Temple. She often cooked and cleaned as well as took part in rituals and passages that the monks and grooves would undergo. She has the same training as these monks. It is extremely cold where she is from and due to that she never developed any color in her body she has very fair lilac hair and stands up for foot tall and her tail is approximately 6 feet long and incredibly strong. She passed away defending her Temple and her monks from foreign Invaders and 220 BCE this was often referred to as the Mauryian Dynasty.