This is a unique type of Faye that only comes about every 100 years I only have a handful of them in different various forms they are beautiful energy-wise as well as pure and offer refactoring energy offer a variety of energy spells charging methods and they're very unique in the way they go about opening your chakras as well as your abilities. They help you become more in tune with nature and water as well they are vegans and they typically spend their days luxury rising and moisturizing as well as sitting near Waters and water-based areas they are particularly fond of waterfalls natural Meadows and Hot Springs. They enjoy offerings such as water-based things such as water lily candles turquoise Waters oils and Forest waterfall based incense as well as the actions of swimming with them in the water and the actions of bathing with them in water or even showering with them they especially or fond of taking cleansing baths with their keeper. they are a vegan species. that is highly powerful and revered for their sacred connections to the water and Earth

Waterfall Fae


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