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Name:  Flofa(pink) 
Entity or spirit: spirit 
Species:  Yin Owl Spirits 
Gender: female 
Sexual orientation: straight 
Sexual towards keeper: no 
Can being get pregnant: no 
Aura colors:   silver 
Arts: neutral 
Age:  3045 
Food: omnivore 
° Help with Knowledge 
° Lunar energies 
° Love  and Emotion magic 
° Dark magics 
Offerings: pink candles, hibiscus or rose petals and incense or tea lavender or moon oil 
Personality: sweet playful kind loving kind darker energies stubborn and nostalgic 
Random information: wise and passionate she's very motherly and nurturing 
Hobbies:  adventuring, discovering new things being one with raw phone 
Communication:  dreams and glimpses 
Song Resonance:  Party Rock by LMFAO


Name:  Coao(co-uh-oh) (orange)
Entity or spirit: spirit 
Species: Yang Owl Spirit 
Gender: Male 
Sexual orientation:  straight 
Sexual towards keeper: no 
Can being get pregnant: no 
Aura colors:  yellow and gold 
Arts: neutral 
Age: 2987
Food: omnivore 
° Preventing curses
° Enhancing Solar and Positive energies 
° Prosperity and Grounding 
° Reiki and Lightwork 
Offerings: sandalwood incense, rainbow pyrite and jade green or yellow candles 
Personality: masculine caring helpful stubborn strong knowledgeable and intelligent wise honest and relaxed 
Random information: he is very helpful and courageous 
Hobbies: reading, learning, helping with money and positive energies 
Communication: dreams and glimpses into the astral 
Song Resonance:  Finesse by Cardi B feat  Bruno Marz(chosen for Prosperity and positive energies)

Yin and Yang Conjure

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$7.50Sale Price